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Focus on the production of cold heading materials, non-standard fasteners, stainless steel fine line and easy turning grinding rod
Free-cutting steel
Electromagnetic stainless steel
Cold forged stainless steel
Stainless steel precision fine wire
Stainless steel oxalic acid wire
Focus on stainless steel cold heading and turning
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Focus on the production of cold heading materials, non-standard fasteners, stainless steel fine line and easy turning grinding rod
Suzhou huakuang Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the research and development of metallurgical special materials technology. The raw materials adopt the double electroslag remelting process of advanced vacuum induction furnace and electric arc furnace smelting, and cooperate with Shanghai Baosteel (Shanggang No. 5 plant), Xingtai Xinggang, Panzhihua Changcheng Special Steel, Yongxing special steel, Qingshan steel, northeast special steel, Nippon Steel, Sweden Sandvik Partners of famous steel plants such as carpenter in the United States, as well as some well-known metal materials research institutions, jointly develop various special alloys, precision alloys, high toughness heat-resistant steels, high-quality molten steels, etc. materials are widely used in precision manufacturing, structural components, auto parts, high-speed rail, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields.
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Susxm7,430F, K-M31, SUS321, Suh660, TB3,1.4542,2.4668,1.4568. Automotive soft magnetic stainless steel, stainless steel oxalic acid line, round bar, hexagonal bar, titanium alloy
Ferritic stainless steel
Soft magnetic material
Soft magnet
Soft magnetic material
Stainless steel solenoid valve
austenitic stainless steel
Austenitic 304
Austenitic heat resistant steel
In antam, Indonesia, the sales of nickel minerals increased significantly in the first three quarters of 2021, while the production and sales of ferronickel decreasedAccording to the report release...
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